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Project Category: Web App

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QR Generator

Well, what if you can store some of your data in a QR CODE? You can also download it and share it with others. Surely this approach would be beautiful, wouldn’t it? And we have created “QR CODE GENERATOR” web application…

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Multiplication Hub

Let us introduce you to another web application that we have made today. Multiplication Hub – This is a web application where you can see the multiplication of any number you want. To see the name only, search the number you…

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Custom Password Generator

We often do not understand what password to give, and one of the reasons for any of our sites to be hacked is a weak password. To solve that problem we created custom password generator web app. which will help you…

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GOF – Guide Of Future

– Well, if there was an app where all the courses would be arranged for free, according to our needs, how would it be? Yes, of course, it would be better because what we want to learn, we do not find…

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Well, how about playing a mathematical game with your general knowledge in a web application? All things considered, it will be good for all. Well now you might want to know why you like it? Then read the rest of the…

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